Thursday, January 24, 2013

Web game: Pillow Fight!

Thing practiced: programming

Tools used: Sublime Text 2, Inkscape, Google Chrome

screenshot screenshot

I was never much of a gamer, mainly because I really suck at video games. I do remember spending an entire afternoon as a kid playing a Flash game about pancakes, though. For today’s practice I tried to replicate the pancake game, but in HTML5/JavaScript instead of Flash, and with pillows instead of pancakes.

Try it here.

Your goal is to earn points by arranging pillows into piles of the same color. You earn 100 points whenever you make a pile of three same-colored pillows. You can only move the topmost pillow in each stack. To move a pillow, touch the stack it’s in, then touch the stack you’d like to move it to. New pillows are added at an increasing rate as the game level increases, and the game ends when any stack reaches the top of the screen.